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Ammonia is found in many industrial processes and as a serious and increasingly common water pollutant, it is becoming more heavily regulated. If water is found to have a high concentration of ammonia, it can be prevented from being discharged or reused. Excessive amounts of ammonia discharged into the water can cause serious ecological problems, such as toxicity in aquatic animals such as fish in the water body. Biological treatment is therefore used to remove ammonia from wastewater.

Nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia into nitrate and are extremely important to the ecosystem. When toxic chemicals are introduced to nitrification plants, the rate of ammonia removal is likely to be reduced as nitrifying bacteria are very sensitive to chemical changes.

Therefore it is crucial to determine the potential toxicity of incoming wastewater streams on the nitrifying biomass, which can be carried out by monitoring the effect on a standard population of nitrifying bacteria on a regular basis. This way, action can be taken to deal with any toxicity before too much damage is done to the nitrifying plant.

The Bio 600 Ammonia Treatment Liquid is a specially selected blend of nitrifying bacteria, providing an ideal standard nitrifying population for toxicity testing. Under laboratory conditions, removal of ammonia from the test sample of wastewater is assessed in comparison with a control. This allows a direct and reproducible assessment of wastewater toxicity, expressed as a percentage loss of nitrification. Highly effective, Bio 600 is an essential tool in maintaining environmental compliance, and yet comes at an extremely competitive price. Significant savings can be made in comparison with competitor products.

Bio 600 is also an ideal product to be dosed on a one-off basis into packaged treatment plants where the ammonia level has gone out of its consent range. The accurate activity level of the product ensures that with some basic calculation the levels of ammonia in a plant can be reduced quickly and effectively Bio 600 will degrade 60m of ammonia per hour per litre of waste water.

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