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Treating wastewater produced by industrial sites is very important due to many factors, including protecting the environment, lowering water supply costs (as treated water can be reused), and lowering waste disposal costs (as waste volumes will be less). Wastewater treatment processes must be adapted to fit your specific industry needs, as there are so many different types and amounts of contamination. The biological treatment of industrial wastewater is a process by which organic substances are used as food by bacteria and other microorganisms

Our range of bacteria & enzyme bespoke products are currently used in managing and successfully reducing waste problems within catering wastewater, blocked drains and sewage treatment systems. The active ingredients in our products are natural microbes, enzymes and plant extracts.

All of our products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and only contain class 1 bacteria. Our products are also concentrated, instead of being watered down, which results in a highly effective formula. Our products are easy to use and install, coming in three basic forms: powder, liquid and blocks.

When the product is introduced to the drainage system, the microbes begin breaking down and digesting organic pollutants present, such as fat, oils and grease. The microbes continue to grow and form a mechanism called a biofilm. The biofilm protects the microbes from factors such as exposure to high temperatures and pH swings. This increases the longevity of the process and in turn, reduces maintenance costs. It also eliminates the need for manual rodding and other drainage maintenance activities.

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At Bio Green UK we pride ourselves in offering both high quality products and services. We specialise in the biological treatment and mechanical maintenance of waste water systems and we carry out thorough inspections to ensure the right product is developed for the individual.

We offer an ongoing maintenance service and will send you reminders for when your product needs replacing. We can come out to change it for you.


We offer a cost effective solution to the problem of build up of fat in your drains and problems with pollutants in the water you discharge.


Do your drains keep getting clogged regardless of how much drain unblocker you put down the sink?  If so, our specially formulated unblocking products could be the solution you are looking for.