Case Study 1


Grease management for a pub


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The Problem

The customer began to receive reports from the Environmental Agency that the discharge from there sewage treatment plant was not adhering to their guidelines and despite trying to resolve the issue with various contractors, they were not able to solve the problem of grease coating the mechanics of the plant, thus suffocating the bacteria and therefore making it impossible for the sewage treatment to work efficiently.

There was also a huge problem with accumulating grease in their grease trap, in both chambers.

They were beginning to despair of ever finding a solution to their grease problem. Then Bio Green UK Ltd was recommended to them.

The Treatment

The customer had a dispenser fitted in their kitchen area, which feeds liquids, late at night, into the pipes leading from the wash up area to the grease trap. This Bio 300++ & RWT liquid drum (25 Liter) has to be changed every two months.

They also now have a Bio 200 brick block blue installed two monthly, directly into the sewage treatment plant. Slowly the situation has vastly improved.

They also now use our biological urinal blocks to counteract the uric scale/acid in the discharge from the men’s urinals & toilets too.

The Results

After several months the customer took independent samples from the discharge of the sewage treatment plant. These were found to be acceptable to the Environment Agency.  

This customer has also passed their discharge consent levels as per EA regulations on a constant basis since using our bio treatment.

Our Company

At Bio Green UK we pride ourselves in offering both high quality products and services. We specialise in the biological treatment and mechanical maintenance of waste water systems and we carry out thorough inspections to ensure the right product is developed for the individual.

We offer an ongoing maintenance service and will send you reminders for when your product needs replacing. We can come out to change it for you.