Case Study 4


Failing consent levels in the food industry


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The Problem

Treatment of effluent plant in breach of their consent levels.

UK factory producing various types of cooking sauces and spices for the food industry. A first-class manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality dried herbs, spices and seasoning products to the food industry.

The food factory failed their consent level for their waste water discharged into the main sewer. The plant could not cope with the volume of waste water per day, reducing the residence time of the waste water passing through the plant. Sample tested, failed COD, SS & Oils. The water authority in that area gave them several warnings that would result in fines.

The Treatment

Biogreen first had to establish what was the mixture of various products in the waste water. Biogreen took several waste water samples and got them analysed and trial tested the factory laboratory. Various strains of bacteria and enzymes were used during a 3-week testing period. The same temperature and similar conditions at the factory were replicated inside the laboratory.

After 3 weeks of testing, we submitted our report from the laboratory trials/test with a specialised formulated bio product that was created to treat the waste water of the food factory.

Biogreen dosed our product Bio 300++ BPS special liquid product directly into a pumping station and directly into their waste water treatment plant on site.


The Results

This treatment resulted in a drastic fall in discharge levels. The majority of samples tested passed except when they carried out a deep clean. With the specially formulated biological product, Bio Green UK was able to help our customer achieve their consent level. Resulting in no more warnings or fines from their local water authority.

Our Company

At Bio Green UK we pride ourselves in offering both high quality products and services. We specialise in the biological treatment and mechanical maintenance of waste water systems and we carry out thorough inspections to ensure the right product is developed for the individual.

We offer an ongoing maintenance service and will send you reminders for when your product needs replacing. We can come out to change it for you.