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Here at BioGreen, we provide professional servicing and maintenance for a wide range of grease management and wastewater systems, including grease traps. We strongly advise the regular maintenance and servicing of your wastewater systems to ensure that your grease traps operate as efficiently as possible. Grease traps need to be emptied regularly to ensure they don’t become clogged and blocked. By doing so, any potential problems will be able to be dealt with much more quickly, thus minimising any risks to health and the environment.

Our services are normally carried out every two months, as this will ensure that waste is not left for too long in the grease trap and thus toxic substances are not released. We can also train your kitchen staff on how to clean the internal basket of the grease trap which is catching the food solids.

To help make the servicing and maintenance of your grease traps easier, and more effective, we recommend ClearFlow Grease Digesting Fluid, which is a powerful concentrate enzyme developed to assist and boost performance in the biological breakdown of fats, oils and greases in grease traps. This will allow for extra time to pass between servicing and will also help to reduce odours. Our kits include fluid, pipe connections and a pump. The peristaltic pump ensures that the right amount of enzyme is prescribed into the trap at the right time of day. This will make the lives of your kitchen staff easier, and will prevent nasty odours from arising.

We know that it can be difficult to keep on top of your waste management products when you are running a busy establishment, and grease and fat can build up quickly – but by implementing one of our dosing kits, you can easily stay on top of it all. The fluid pump is simple to program, and it is also very precise, so the correct amount of fluid can be discharged into the system at the correct time of day, without you having to manually do it yourself every day!

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At Bio Green UK we pride ourselves in offering both high quality products and services. We specialise in the biological treatment and mechanical maintenance of waste water systems and we carry out thorough inspections to ensure the right product is developed for the individual.

We offer an ongoing maintenance service and will send you reminders for when your product needs replacing. We can come out to change it for you.


We offer a cost effective solution to the problem of build up of fat in your drains and problems with pollutants in the water you discharge.


Do your drains keep getting clogged regardless of how much drain unblocker you put down the sink?  If so, our specially formulated unblocking products could be the solution you are looking for.