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Regular maintenance of septic tanks is required and anyone whose home makes use of a septic tank has a duty to ensure that their tank has no detrimental impact on the local environment. If the drain field becomes overloaded with liquid, it will flood and so sewage will flow to the ground or back up into toilets and sinks.

Here at Bio Green, we provide maintenance and repair services for treatment plants, pump stations and confined space work. Servicing and maintenance are important to ensure long-term, reliable performance. Servicing involves cleaning and checking filters, checking pipework and electrics, and providing a health check report.

Confined space work involves underground drainage, where we can repair drains and other works in environments that are dangerous and difficult. By using necessary safety equipment, we can carry out various tasks such as installation, refurbishment and cleaning whilst ensuring that all regulations are adhered to. For treatment plants and pump stations, they, like any product, will require servicing and maintenance in order to continue to operate efficiently and comply with any updating regulations.

A full service and inspection of your wastewater system will enable any repairs to be carried out on site, thus easing any major repairs or replacements that need to be carried out in the future.

Our Bio Green Septic Tank Treatment is a specialised biological treatment for degrading organic matter in wastewater systems. The product contains natural bacterial strains capable of digesting cellulose, fats, oils and greases, proteins and starch due to their enzymatic metabolism. It also helps to degrade paper. Our product reduces bad odours and boosts bacterial growth in the septic tank. It is environmentally friendly and discharges cleaner wastewater into soakaway systems.

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At Bio Green UK we pride ourselves in offering both high quality products and services. We specialise in the biological treatment and mechanical maintenance of waste water systems and we carry out thorough inspections to ensure the right product is developed for the individual.

We offer an ongoing maintenance service and will send you reminders for when your product needs replacing. We can come out to change it for you.


We offer a cost effective solution to the problem of build up of fat in your drains and problems with pollutants in the water you discharge.


Do your drains keep getting clogged regardless of how much drain unblocker you put down the sink?  If so, our specially formulated unblocking products could be the solution you are looking for.