Bio Green UK Ltd 100, 200 and 300 is a blend of friendly microbes, nutrients and preservative. The microbes in Bio Green’s products have been specially selected from many non toxic naturally occurring microbes as the best solution to treat grease traps and sewer drains that are subject to blockages caused by large amounts of oils, fats, greases and other organic matter passing through them.

The blend of microbes form a bio-film releasing a continuous and renewable supply of highly active enzymes into the water flow for fat, oil and grease degradation.

The bio-film adheres to the walls of the grease trap and drainage system and unlike conventional enzyme systems is not washed away. Bio Green products has a significant resistance to disinfectants and other cleaning fluids.


The primary application of Bio Green products is as a maintenance tool to treat fats, oil, and grease in the grease trap and to prevent grease and fat build up in the sewer system.

It is used extensively in places were food preparation and processing produce large quantities of waste water with a high proportion of grease and fat which, if left untreated can often block or restrict the flow of drainage systems. This causes mall odours and unhygienic conditions, which invariably leads to expensive and inconvenient clearing of the drain system.


Regular dosing with Bio Green 100, 200 and 300 will:

  • Reduce the frequency of grease trap emptying by up to 70%
  • Eliminate blockages in the sewer system (Fatbergs)
  • Eliminate the risk of Fatbergs forming in the drains
  • Eliminate odours
  • Eliminate the need to use hazardous chemicals in drain treatment
  • Eliminate the need to remove grease in drains manually using rods
  • Provide an improved working environment
  • Will not damage drain walls or bonding
  • Reduce BOD’s, COD’s, TSS and FOG which will have a positive effect on effluent costs
  • Should be cost neutral to the end user due to the reduction in trap emptying and emergency call outs. Grease trap emptying will cost an average of £250 per visit

Health and Safety

The bacterial strains are naturally occurring. Wash hands after use. Avoid ingestion and introduction to drinking water sources or foodstuffs. Bio Green products is a totally natural product and is not harmful to the environment.

The shelf life of the liquid is eighteen months at 20 degrees centigrade.

Frequently asked questions about Bio Green 100, 200 and 300:

Does the product contain live micro-organisms?

The active ingredient in Bio Green 100, 200 & 300 formulations is a live bacterium. These bacteria have been selected from nature for specific capabilities and then adapted to maximise those capabilities in drains and grease traps.

Do these microbes grow in my drains and how do they survive in the environment?

An initial “seeding” of the drain/grease trap is carried out in order to introduce the microbes into the system. Large numbers of these microbes then attach themselves to surfaces of the pipe and trap as well as any grease deposits where they continue to consume grease and organics converting them to carbon dioxide, water, and more bacteria.

The microbes that adhere to surfaces continue to grow and thrive in the grease trap. Microbes are protected from short-term exposures to high temperature (when the dishwasher discharges), from pH swings, or from chemical toxicity (when cleaning or sanitising chemicals are discharged).

Can the bacteria make me sick?

The product is very safe. Studies have been conducted to make certain that the strains in our products are not hazardous to people or pets. This testing includes studies on inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. Common antibiotics kill all of the bacteria within the product.

Our biological products are used in applications where microbes can survive. Every niche in our environment that can support microbial growth has already established a population of “naturally occurring” strains. We use bio-products in these niches when we want to change the conditions (i.e. reduce grease).

As bio-products are seeded into the environment, they must grow and establish a place in that population. They work with the naturally occurring strains often breaking down large, more complex molecules into smaller units that actually feed many of the native strains.

Does the grease trap treatment cause the grease to be transferred downstream?

Transference of grease downstream would defeat the purpose of the grease trap allowing grease accumulation in the receiving collections systems. Numerous municipalities have raised this concern. We have tested this potential in laboratory microcosms to verify that when grease traps are treated as recommended, we can safely conclude that no net transfer of grease from the grease trap occurs.

What happens to the microbes that are transferred downstream with the grease trap discharge?

They will continue to work and degrade organics in the drain line, collection system, or treatment systems downstream. They will provide benefit by degrading organics wherever they travel in the waste collection system.

What maintenance will I continue to have to do?

Although the frequency of emptying the grease trap will be greatly reduced, the trap will still need to be emptied, particularly if the water flowing through the trap contains non organic material (soil etc.) which is not biodegradable or large food particles, which take a long time for the micro-organisms to digest.

How can I tell if it is working?

There will be a noticeable difference after 4 -6 weeks from commencement of the treatment. There will be a reduction in odours from the grease trap. In addition to this, the grease accumulating in the trap will be different in appearance. Instead of it forming a thick solid crust, the grease in the trap will remain liquid looking.

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"Previous to using Bio Green’s products and services I was having my drains jetted 3-4 times a year, that also includes me rodding the drains quite frequently. Since using the Bio Green dosing system for the last 3 years we haven’t had to get it the done once!"

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