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Grease traps are designed to treat wastewater which is produced by kitchens and other food processing areas, as this waste contains a mixture of fats, oils and grease (also known as FOG), which floats on the surface of the water due to a lower density. The aim of grease traps is to help separate these FOG particles from the wastewater and prevent them from flowing through the drainage pipe. The separated particles are contained inside the grease trap, and the solid food waste is contained by an internal strainer basket, while the cleaner wastewater can pass through to the main drain.

If these fat, oil and grease particles are not separated and allowed to drain through with the water, they will build up and solidify in drainage and sewage systems, making it so that wastewater cannot flow through the pipes. These blockages become like concrete, which means they are expensive to clear, and also can cause a risk to environmental and public health, as eventually raw sewage will overflow into streets, streams and rivers.

Nearly half a million tonnes of grease and fat enter the sewage system in the UK every single year. Grease will stick to pipe walls, leading to blockages, while fat and oils damage the wastewater treatment equipment, costing millions of pounds in repairs each year. If these particles were allowed to enter a natural water course such as a river, serious damage to the environment will ensue.

Fortunately, grease traps are available to prevent this. However, stainless steel grease traps which are installed under the kitchen sink will only catch between 30% to 40% of the particles due to their close positioning to the sink or dishwasher inside the kitchen. Large outside underground grease traps can be installed, but it is difficult to empty these as the disposal of FOG is only allowed at specially designated wastewater treatment sites, so the emptying services provided by tankers can be expensive due to the added cost, mileage and time.

But don’t fear, there is a solution – our grease management products which can be added to the grease traps (non-toxic drain treatments and grease degrader blocks) contain a highly active blend of microbes that effectively treat the FOG particles in grease traps and other problem areas. The bio-film sticks to the walls of the drainage system and unlike other, more conventional enzyme systems, it isn’t washed away. It also has a significant resistance to disinfectants and other cleaning fluids, providing longer lasting protection.

Our products have proved to remove the FOG by up to 96%.

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We offer a cost effective solution to the problem of build up of fat in your drains and problems with pollutants in the water you discharge.


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