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Bio Start is a highly effective blend of naturally occurring microbes that is used to improve the biomass in packaged treatment plants. There are occasions when packaged sewage treatment plants under-perform. Due to the compact nature of these plants, and therefore less buffering capacity, excessive use of chemicals, such as bleaches and detergents or excess FOGs can mean that the plant cannot cope with any shock loads. Bio Start improves the biomass in packaged sewage plants. This product contains specially selected naturally occurring microbes that are particularly adept at sticking to filter surfaces, forming a bio-film of bacteria and encouraging further bugs to adhere, forming a healthy biomass. The organisms are also selected to cope with a wide range of environmental conditions such as temperature and pH, to be resistant to detergents and bleach, and to digest oils, fats, grease.

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At Bio Green we specialise in septic sank treatments that are specifically designed to break down organic matter and reduce odours in septic tanks. These odours become stronger when not enough waste ends up in a septic tank to sustain a healthy bacterial growth that naturally break down the waste. Our product adds the necessary bacteria to your septic tank that will allow the natural micro-organisms to grow and keep a healthy bacterial culture that digests the waste in your septic tank.

The product contains natural bacterial strains capable of digesting cellulose, fats, oils and greases, proteins and starch due to their enzymatic metabolism.

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