BioHygiene All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner Concentrate

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A powerful biotech multi-purpose cleaner for help with everyday cleaning tasks. Suitable for all types of floors and surfaces, the fast-acting formula quickly targets dirt, grease, streaks and odours leaving behind a sparkling surface and fresh scent.

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Quickly targets dirt, grime, grease and odours for a long-lasting clean.


Super concentrate (1:200) reduces cost per use and storage requirements.


Biotechnology reduces CO2e whilst PCR packaging reduces single-use plastic waste.

BioHygiene is a leading brand of biotech cleaning solutions. Our easy-to-use products are specifically designed to help businesses reduce environmental impact, accelerate cleaning performance and save costs.

Our popular BioHygiene All Surfaces and Floor Cleaner is full of specialist biotechnology for help with everyday cleaning tasks. The multi-use, concentrated formula is suitable for all types of surfaces throughout your workplace, plus windows, mirrors, grimy surfaces and dirty bins. Our fast-acting formula contains no harsh chemicals, leaving behind only sparkling surfaces and fresh fragrance.

  • Specialist biotechnology removes dirt, grime, grease, scale and odours.
  • The non-slip and non-steak formula leaves floors clean and free from slip hazards.
  • Naturally derived, sustainable ingredients.
  • Super-concentrate (1:200) helps reduce the amount of product needed per clean.
  • Fresh clean cotton scent.
  • Free from harsh chemicals.
  • Available in 5L and 1L concentrate and 750ml ready-to-use spray.
  • VOC free and 100% biodegradable.

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6 x 1 Litre, 2 x 5 Litre