Grease Recovery Units (GRU)

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The Biogreen GRU is a robust unit that can be installed to extract the grease and oil from almost any kitchen waste stream. It comes with a 10 year conditional warranty and is constructed entirely of stainless steel. The unit has optional integral downstream biological dosing added by Bio Green UK. The bio-fluid is dosed directly into the downstream drain so as not to compromise the grease removal process at the heart of the unit.

The wastewater enters the GRU and food solids are removed by way of an internal mesh food-straining basket. The FOG-contaminated wastewater then flows into a central chamber where the GRU design creates a natural upward pressure. This coupled with the residence time speeds up the separation process and allows the waste FOG to flow through a unique valve that will only allow FOG to pass and then flow out into an external collection container for recycling. While this process is occurring clean water is allowed to continuously flow through the unit and out to drain achieving a 95% removal efficiency compared to standard conventional traps at 60%

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The Bio Grease Recovery Unit (GRU) is designed to be simple, robust, and efficient. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel and comes with a 10-year warranty (excluding the heater). The GRU does not have any mechanical or moving parts that can malfunction or become jammed, making it highly reliable .

The GRU is capable of recovering up to 96% of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) . It does not require complex electrics and only needs a single IP55 rated 240v socket for power . The drain-off system is simple and lever-based, reducing the need for user maintenance . There are no silt valves or ball valves that can stick and cause issues with FOG discharge . The GRU has a 3-step maintenance program that involves emptying the oil using a tap, emptying the food basket as required, cleaning the lid, and checking the central area . The larger food basket reduces the risk of overflow, odours, and removal issues . Additionally, a unique patent-pending bio block is used to degrade food silt in the bottom of the GRU, reducing odors and facilitating the cleaning process .

The GRU offers low running costs due to its thermostat-controlled heating element . It does not require a mains water connection.

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