Water saving Urinal Blocks – 1.1 Kg

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Bio Green’s Water Saving Urinal Blocks are a highly effective biological product that controls the odours from urinal bowls and troughs, prevents the build up of uric scale, keeps the urinal clean and allows significant savings on water usage.

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They contain a highly effective blend of naturally occurring microbes which are able to degrade the organic matter that smell, eliminating the malodours at source. More importantly the microbes attach to deposits of uric scale and convert it into more soluble compounds, thus preventing build up. When using the product, it is possible to reduce the flush frequency by up to 90%, thereby producing massive savings in water costs. It is also possible to use the product in a non-flushing (waterless) scenario.

It is important to realise that this is not a replacement for parachlorodibenzene (PCBD) channel blocks, and should not be sold as such. PCDB blocks have no scale reducing capability and cannot be used in reduced flush situations.

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Weight 2 kg